This is where you'll find the rules to our awesome site. We don't have many so do everyone a favor and check them out before you sign up. This is also where the plot is. You don't want to be the only one who doesn't know what's going on. You can also find the 411 on here. If you're a Percy Jackson newbie or if you just need a refresher we've got you covered.
Character Moderation
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Please be sure to post your application inside this board. If you're working on it and need a bit more time please put WIP in the title. If your finished application has been sitting for over 48 hours without a message from staff feel free to message us to check it over.
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Anything regarding character development and on-site plotting can be found here. Feel free to post a plotter, playlists, mood boards, journals, and whatever your heart desires. Member boards, as well as thread trackers to keep track of the hundred threads you might get, are located in this board.
me and my friends are lonely
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Have a great plot idea but need someone else to fill the role? Or do you just have an idea and want to check if anyone would be interested in it? Post your wanted ad in here.
Long Lost Friend/Lover [1/1]
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Here you will find any information regarding our current (mostly IC) events, polls and special occasions. This includes many war games, capture the flag, and perhaps one or two art contests enforced by the Greek Apollo cabin. Get your haikus ready!
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